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Houston's climate creates an environment where insects thrive throughout the year. In addition, irrigation systems in landscape designs also provide food and shelter to many pests. Texas Termite & Pest Control is a total pest prevention company. All our staff is State Board Certified, with specializations in control of roaches, rats, termites, fleas and other insects.We understand your family’s safety and well being is important to you. All our exterminator technicians are provided with thorough training in the understanding of the biology and habits of pests, rather than just the use of pesticides.

Roach, rat, termite, flea and other insects are a world-wide problem. We value our customers, and make all efforts in attaining total customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction in Texas Termite & Pest Control has always been our priority and it will remain so in the years to come. We strongly recommend to all our customers that pest control should be done every 90 days to provide continuous control of pests.

For termite pest control in Houston we provide the following offers.

  • A total pest inspection followed by proper planning for eradication and prevention.
  • Integrated Report Cards on Pest Management
  • Environment friendly applications
  • Pest prevention from roaches, rats, termites, fleas and other insects.

Every season in Houston provides a climate of its own for specific pests to invade your home. Spring in Houston can cause your unprepared house to become a playground to roof rats, spiders, and ants. Summer tends to draws out more ants, spiders,and fleas which can be hazardous to your pets, your homes, and you. Fall is when rodents and roaches are most active and can scavenge your entire home in search of food. Winter, while there are significantly less pests, still is an active time for house mice, spiders, and ants. Every season brings its own dangers to you as well as your house. Be prepared with a leader in Houston pest control, Texas Termite and Pest Control.

Texas Termite and Pest Control provides quality pest control services in the Houston, Cypress, and Katy areas.

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